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PDF creation within Jade

After generating HTML it would be great if we didn't have to use 3rd party tools to create a PDF

  • Sam Stokell
  • Feb 12 2020
  • Closed
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  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    1 Jun, 2020 07:10am

    This has been discussed at the latest JEDI Review meeting and it was decided not to proceed with this feature. The comments suggest that there isn't a common view of what the feature would look like.

  • David Wilkinson commented
    23 Apr, 2020 12:50am

    Also we use a few features the vanilla Windows PDF driver doesn't provide, like the pdf driver applying a background image, encryption and security settings to name a few.

  • Kim Robertson commented
    22 Apr, 2020 04:07am

    I would like it if generated print pages when SVG could be converted to PDF. That way anything you could print could be turned into a PDF.

  • Julian Meates commented
    21 Apr, 2020 03:13am

    In general when Jade do something they do it properly which sadly can’t be said for the rest of the punters out there. Issues like being thread safe and ensuring you get back the PDF you are expecting (when running multiple systems on a server) is obviously imperative. Using a printer driver controlled and managed by windows does not inspire me with confidence.

  • Admin
    John Richards commented
    21 Apr, 2020 02:31am

    Can you please explain why using the Windows PDF driver does not meet your requirements?

  • David Wilkinson commented
    9 Mar, 2020 07:47pm

    We use PDF-Xchange as we require "Secure" pdf with background images and Signatures but if this could be built into Jade it qould be great!

  • Sam Stokell commented
    25 Feb, 2020 09:17am

    We are using EO PDF https://www.essentialobjects.com/doc/pdf/overview.aspx - when changing windows server versions we had to rewrite our .dll and was a lot of mucking around to get it working. There needs to be an easier way! :)

  • Callum commented
    25 Feb, 2020 12:59am

    Absolutely. We would love this feature built into Jade. We use Win2PDF which we have found to have the best quality to size ratio. However the question is almost always raised as to why our software requires a PDF printer driver to workWe rely on PDF generation when emailing reports.

  • Julie Harliwich commented
    20 Feb, 2020 08:54pm

    I would also like to be able to nominate PDF output and a filename in the Printer class