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Ability to add additional headers in response to an OPTIONS query

When consuming a REST web service from a JavaScript application hosted on a different domain the provider of the REST web service needs to use Access-Control-Allow-Origin to add either your domain, or use a * wildcard to support any domain, to avoid CORS errors being returned by the browser. Further to this, if you're providing a REST web service which allows CRUD operations you also need to use Access-Control-Allow-Method in the response to the pre-flight OPTIONS query from the web browser to let them use for example post/put/del etc.

As the response to the OPTIONS query is handled by the jadehttp.dll, it would be good if we could specify via the jadehttp.ini file 1 or more additional headers we would like added to the pre-flight OPTIONS query response to the web browser. Something similar to my mockup below:

Access-Control-Allow-Method=put, get, post, del

  • BeeJay
  • Jul 11 2022
  • Future consideration
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