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Marking features as deprecated

When you refactor code in a system, it would be nice to be able to mark features as deprecated so that users get warned when compiling methods which reference deprecated features. To partner this it would be good to have a "Browse ..." option which lists all methods that are currently referencing deprecated features.
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  • May 1 2019
  • Future consideration (Long term)
FileVision UK Ltd 28/11/2017 4:34:30 AM
I submitted this as an NFS in 2006 (#41533).

Sam Stokell 23/11/2017 11:24:33 AM
Nice idea, in the past I have been putting text against the Method/Reference/Property/Class with a note to say "Do not use this, delete in x # of months ". Would be good if you could just flag it as deprecated and maybe put a note at the same time with Jade capturing the audit information (user and timestamp when the change was made). It's also useful to make sure Developers didn't use certain methods that were going to be phased out.
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