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Encyclopedia of classes volumes

Back in the day when Jade documentation was printed on paper it made sense to split the class documentation into several volumes as a single volume was too large to print.

Now that everything is online it makes little sense to split this way anymore. It would make sense to combine them.
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  • May 1 2019
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CustomLinc 1/08/2018 11:38:16 AM
It would be useful for the encyclopedia of classes to be a single file instead of two.

Brian Johnstone 14/06/2018 2:26:07 PM
I don't think printing and the size of the physical book was the only issue/reason for the split, it was also to do with the limitations of MS Word and the maximum sized single document MS Word could handle at that time. I've never actually considered how many documents there are in a long time because I generally use searching to find what I'm after. Mostly Google search these days, or when I'm offline an index search with Adobe Reader, and then it doesn't matter in which 'volume' the results are actually located.
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