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Provide ability to create a 'backupinfo' file from online/offline backup image

With the increased use of cloud-based backup facilities, we are finding that taking a disk-to-disk JADE Environment backup means that we are incurring a greater cost and size of cloud-based backups as the de-dup functions are over a new backup image rather than an existing updated backup image.

With that in-mind, we are looking to 'recover' in-place the current backup image with the latest set of journals. But doing this renders the original 'backup' info file invalid as it pertains to the original backup image.

This precludes the ability to use the JADE and JADECare Systems Manager restore functions.

So this request is to be able to provide a feature that:

- checks the integrity of the backup image (to at least the same level as an online backup)

- creates a new backupinfo file to facilitate the various restore methodologies.



  • Martin Jagers
  • Sep 16 2019
  • Shipped (2020)
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  • Martin Jagers commented
    2 Oct, 2019 09:25pm

    Hi Gerard, what we are looking to do is take a backup on day one and then on successive days, copying the latest released journals over to the backup image and applying these to the database in the backup image ie maintaining a warm-standby.

    We'd be using 'convertToBackup' to do 'online backup' integrity checking and to create a new backupinfo which can be used by our 'restore' mechanisms.

    This would:

    - eliminate lengthy daily online backups

    - improve the cloud-based backup strategies

    At worst, the backup image could incur an integrity issue and that would trigger a full online backup. In a critical failure and if there is non SDS, then we can still recover from backups at off-site storage and roll-forward through journals.

    Periodically, such as with deployments, a full online backup would be taken.

    I don't see any major issues with this strategy. 

  • Gerard O'Brien commented
    1 Oct, 2019 09:25pm

    I'd recommend against this. It is a good way to loose your backup. What you are proposing is far from failure proof. You should never overwrite or update your good backup.

    You can start with a copy of a backup and apply journals to maintain a warm standby server (see Roll-Forward Recovery of a Standby Database in DbAdmin.pdf), or better, have a hot standby server using SDS.