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Method source compare tool

Seeing differences in method sources between one environment and another is extremely useful. 


There are various external diff tools (e.g. Notepad++ has a Compare plugin) but having something integrated into the IDE would be fantastic. E.g. open a method source, select compare, and paste in another version of the method and instantly see the differences,

  • Craig Shearer
  • Dec 18 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    14 Jan, 2020 07:32pm

    I'm sorry James, I must be communicating poorly. I was only trying to be helpful, to give some insight into the JEDI process so that you and everyone here can get the most out of it. JEDI reveiw meetings are not brainstorming sessions, per se. In a JEDI session, we tackle specific ideas put forward by our users. You can't have a productive discussion if you don't have a clear idea of what you're supposed to be discussing, which is why there's very little room for scope wiggle.

  • Guest commented
    7 Jan, 2020 09:12pm

    That is a shame how a simple non-rhetorical question would be taken as rhetorical fact rather than answered with it would be too complicated. Must get really quiet in brainstorming sessions, unless someone wants an idea to be revoked that is.

  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    7 Jan, 2020 08:45pm

    Diff between two environments: https://jedi.ideas.jadeworld.com/ideas/JAD-I-227

  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    7 Jan, 2020 08:26pm

    It depends. In the JEDI review meetings, we tend to find that comments that expand the scope too much either cause the JEDI to be voted against or the (possibly quite good) scope expansions are ignored or forgotten. 

  • Guest commented
    7 Jan, 2020 08:12pm

    There is a scope when discussing  ideas?

  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    7 Jan, 2020 08:01pm

    I do not believe that comparing across environments was part of the scope here.

  • Guest commented
    19 Dec, 2019 01:28am

    I like this idea. Just curious how hard would it be to connect/compare with another Jade environment's source in a performant manner?

  • Ty Baen-Price commented
    18 Dec, 2019 09:57pm