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Official way to validate all methods in a Schema via a CLI call

Currently we're using the unpublished method RootSchema::Schema::_validateMethod via a call to jadloadb to check that after a schema load has been done whether any methods are left in error.

The scenario we have is - for non-managed customers we have them upgrade by running an automated script (of sorts). After this finishes loading all our schemas, the last thing we do is a "Schema Check", which invokes the _validateMethod method.

We rely on it returning a 8711 exit code if there are methods left in error.

We also show the user via the output of this method call the actual methods, if there are any.

The behavior of this method changed somewhere between JADE 2018 and 2020 to not output the actual methods in error. (which is fair enough, it is unpublished after all)

What we would like, is an official method or app that would ideally do the same as the 2016 version of _validateMethod and output methods in error directly, along with exiting with a 8711 code. (We could probably live with having to read another log file, if we had to though)

  • Mason Drew
  • Nov 2 2021
  • Future consideration