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Add standard output to show progress when executing 'unversionAllSchemas=true'

The online deployment engine performs an 'unversionAllSchemas=true' when the deployment is aborted. However, this can be a lengthy process at times where there are a large number of schemas versioned.

As can be seen by the following logged standard output, the following took 49 minutes to complete the unversion sequence:
2023/01/05 20:30:43.975:KarmaInstallMgr/71: Starting load (special) : commandline=e:\eupujmt\server\c_bin\jadloadb.exe path=e:\eupujmt\server\c_system ini=e:\eupujmt\server\c_bin\eupujmt.ini name=eupazus2 FaultHandling.EnableSentinel=false PersistentDb.openAllFilesOnDbOpen=false unversionAllSchemas=true

2023/01/05 20:30:44.085:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Opening database in e:\eupujmt\server\c_system ...

2023/01/05 20:30:45.086:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Database opened

2023/01/05 20:30:45.304:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Unversioning all versioned schemas

2023/01/05 21:19:36.693:KarmaProcessLogger/167: All schemas unversioned

2023/01/05 21:19:36.693:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Waiting for running applications ...

2023/01/05 21:19:36.693:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Closing database ...

2023/01/05 21:19:46.441:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Database closed

2023/01/05 21:19:46.441:KarmaProcessLogger/167: Load completed

2023/01/05 21:19:49.577:KarmaInstallMgr/71: Any schema updates have now been discarded.

  • Martin Jagers
  • Jan 10 2023
  • Future consideration
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